IUI Canula
A Wide range of IUI CANULAE to satisfy individual preferences.
Size : 12cm., Side / front open with syringe
         15cm., Side open with syringe
         15cm., Curved, side open with syringe
         17cm., Side open with syringe.
Also available short Canula.
Vaginal Probe Covers

Made from Pure Natural Latex.
Adequate Length.
Fits Snuggly.
Silicone Free.
Sterile and Unsterile Covers.

Useful for T V S and OVUM Pickup.

Powder Free Gloves

Made from Pure Natural Latex.
Gamma Sterilised.
Three different sizes : Small, Medium & Large.

Useful in Infertility Practice.

Probe Guides
Biopsy guides, reusable, for various machines available at reasonable prices.
Guides to suit your requirements are made as per order.
Useful during Cyst Aspiration.
Endometrial Biopsy Curette

4 holes make tissue collection easier.
Smooth rounded distal tip.
Steady Vacuum.
Minimal Patient Discomfort.

Packaging: Pack of 25, individually packed sterilized curettes.

EVA Probe Cover

Each Probe cover has a release tape at one end to ensure proper grip.

Packaging: Sterile EVA Probe Covers are individually packed into a Box of 50’s